• Top 15 of the Most Effective Chinese Herbs Medicine Used Today

    The Chinese culture has used herbs for medicinal purposes for centuries. They have written logs and literature which lists the specific herbs used, their method of preparations, and dosage for curing specific aliments or diseases. One such book popularly known as Divine Farmer, but is actually called Shennong, classifies specific species of woods, herbs, even

  • Top 12 Foods to Increase Sperm Count

    Low sperm count affects approximately one in 25 men. Lifestyle factors such as stress, obesity, and poor nutrition can impact sperm health. If you and your partner are planning for a baby, a nutritional overhaul is a good place to start, to support healthy sperm production and development. Boost your baby-making chances with these five

  • 14 Fertility Superfoods Worth Tucking Into If You’re Trying To Conceive

    Trying for a baby isn’t all about the bedroom business. There’s a lot both you and your partner can do with your clothes on – including digging into certain foods that aid the baby-making process.

  • 20 Herbs that fight cancer

    There can be little doubt that herbs are very potent and powerful. Although, as yet, research is limited on herbs, it is growing and many are shown to have powerful anti-cancer properties without the damaging side-effects of drugs. Here are twenty herbs that just might help your fight against cancer.

  • 7 Warning Signs Of A Brain Tumor You Should Know

    Brain tumors come in all shapes and sizes—and so do their symptoms. “The key to a tumor’s symptoms really depends on its location,” says Theodore Schwartz, MD, a neurosurgeon with the Weill Cornell Brain and Spine Center. For example, if you have a tumor near the part of your brain that controls your arm or

  • 13 Creative Ways to Make Eggs for Dinner

    Yes, eggs are a classic breakfast food—but there’s no reason to limit your egg consumption to that go-to omelet at the local diner. Since eggs are so versatile (you can prepare them scrambled, hard-boiled, poached, and more), there are countless delicious ways incorporate them into your dinner plans. Not to mention, eggs boast plenty of impressive health benefits: They’re packed with protein

  • Foods With More Vitamin C Than Oranges

    If you chug a glass of orange juice every time you start sniffling, you may be onto something. Though studies show that consuming vitamin C can’t actually prevent colds, loading up on the nutrient may help slightly shorten the length of time you’re sick and reduce the severity of your symptoms. But despite their reputation

  • Did You Know, Sitting Too Much Shorten 8 Years of Your Life ?

    Yes, sitting too much shorten 8 years of your life. But, don’t worry about it. A new study finds, regular exercise helps counteract the harmful health effects of too much sitting. Sitting too much during the day has been linked to a host of diseases, from obesity to heart problems and diabetes, as well as

  • Is Mushroom Coffee the Next Superfood Trend?

    A Finnish company adds wild-harvested mushrooms to coffee to create the ultimate superfood sip : Mushroom coffee. But is it worthy of the health hype? Forget golden lattes and enhanced waters. Mushroom coffee could be the next superfood drink, according to Four Sigmatic, the Finnish company that produces mushroom-infused products like coffee, elixirs, blends, and hot cocoa

  • Easy Way to Know If You’re at Risk of Dying Young

    What are the most important numbers to know when it comes to your risk of heart disease? You might say your blood pressure, or cholesterol, or weight—and you’re right that all of those can be valuable clues. But according to researchers, there may be another figure that’s equally important: your so-called fitness number. In a new