Health Benefits of Olives

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The olive, which belongs to the family Oleaceae, found mostly in Mediterranean Basin, Africa, South Asia and many other regions. The olive’s fruit or the olive is a major cultivation in Mediterranean Basin, especially the Eastern region. Since ancient time, olives has been used in culinary and for medicinal purposes, particularly in Rome and Greece.

There are various species of olives that all provide essential elements for a healthy diet. Olives can be eaten raw as salty snack or appetizer, or added into salads or sandwiches. Also, the fruit are used to make olive oil for a countless number of other purposes.

Nutritional Value of Olives

With 100 grams of olives, you are going to get 115 calories, 80% water, 0.8 gram of protein, 6.3 gram carbs, 10.7 gram fat, 6.3 gram carbohydrate, 3.2 gram fiber. Besides, olives also provide you a huge quantity of vitamins, especially vitamin E, minerals such as copper, iron, sodium and calcium. Other compounds have been found in the fruit are hydroxytyrosol, oleuropein, tyrosol, quercetin, oleanolic acid and so on.

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