9 Fatigue Busting Strategies to Refill Your Energy Tank

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Being tired is something we can’t avoid. Even those of us who sleep well and eat right still run out of energy sometimes. What may seem like routine tiredness could be something even more serious called chronic fatigue syndrome (CFS). Fatigue is tiredness to a higher extreme and can have devastating effects, like lowered response times or being unable to function throughout the day. No worries! We know nine ways to restore your energy and break free from fatigue.

1. Cool Down

Being tired can be just as physical a condition as it can be mental. But there are ways to treat your body in order to boost your brain’s activity levels. For tiredness, the simple act of running cold water over your wrists or splashing it on your face is enough to give you a proper jolt. The cold water acts as a stressor, which cause your body to release the energizing hormone noradrenaline. This works because beneath your skin are hundreds of nerve endings so the response will be very quick.

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