9 Amazing Benefits of Wheat Germ

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Cancer Prevention

Adding wheat germ or certain types of wheat germ extracts to your diet can help you reduce the risk factors for multiple types of cancer.  It has been shown to interrupt glucose metabolism at a fundamental level and inhibit the expression of various kinases, which may stimulate cancerous activity in cells. The study shows that test subjects with wheat germ extract in their diet have increased TNF secretion by the macrophages and stimulating NK cell activity (Natural Killer cells). Both of these benefits result in apoptosis (cell death) for cancerous and tumorous cells. The small germ inside wheat may not look very impressive, but its effects are very powerful!

Anti-Aging Properties

Wheat germ is packed with nutrients and vitamins in such high levels that it can have significant effects on various anti-aging effects like skin quality and hair loss. As a dietary supplement, wheat germ is a natural way to get these benefits, but some people also choose to go for a more cosmetic approach, using its extract directly, or mixing it with other cosmetic materials. Vitamin E is packed into it as well, and studies have shown a wide range of benefits to people who fill their daily requirements of that vitamin. When eaten regularly, the proteins and vitamins within wheat germ can positively affect people with conditions like psoriasis, sunburn, eczema, wrinkles, dull complexion, and receding hairlines.

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