6 Simple Changes You Can Make to Prevent Breast Cancer

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Ask yourself: “Am I doing all I can to prevent breast cancer?” These lifestyle strategies will protect you against one of the deadliest cancers women face.

Take baby aspirin daily

You may already be doing this for your heart—since regular low-dose aspirin offers amazing health benefits—but now research finds that swallowing baby aspirin at least three times a week reduces your overall risk of breast cancer by 16 percent. This new study, conducted by A City of Hope, called the California’s Teacher’s Study, also suggests that the habit can cut the risk of HER2 negative, or hormone sensitive, breast cancer (the most common type) by 20 percent.

“We think it is because women take baby aspirin daily for prevention and not for pain relief, and that gives them a consistent anti-inflammatory benefit that reduces the growth of breast tumors, which are known to be promoted by inflammation,” says Tina Clarke, MD, epidemiologist at the Cancer Prevention Institute of California. The study built upon previous findings that show the importance of adults taking aspirin daily to prevent other cancers like stomach and prostate, and even heart attacks and strokes.

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