10 Remedies To Remove Pubic Hair Naturally

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Summer is here and the best way to stay cool during this season is to simply remove unwanted body hair. Pubic or genital hair can be of great inconvenience during summer. The hair causes one to sweat and feel uncomfortable too.

So, it is best to simply get rid of it. Home remedies are the best option for you to try when it comes to hair removal. It is safe for you to use considering it is a sensitive zone. Using remedies which are gentle on the skin is another thing to keep in mind as it will not cause a skin reaction. To remove pubic hair there are many who opt for shaving as it is a faster process.

However, when you shave it will only lead to ingrown hair which is painful. So, don’t hesitate to throw away that razor and go in for home remedies. Take a look at some of these remedies to remove pubic hair with ease.

Before you try these home remedies you should trim the hair with a razor. Even if you are opting for a homemade wax recipe, trim it. It is also important that you do a patch test to see if your allergic to any of the home remedies in removing pubic hair.

In a bowl add 3tbsp of sugar, one lemon (juice) and honey. Mix all these ingredients together to make one application. Apply the mixture on your zone and in reverse manner try to weaken the pubic hair. This is one of the best natural way or home remedy to remove pubic hair.

All you need is one cup of besan, salt and a little water. Apply this combination everyday till the hair weakens in the zone. This application however takes a long time in hair removal, but it has no side effects.

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