10 Morning Routines that Detox Your Body Naturally

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What we do in the morning sets the tone for the whole day. And if you’ve ever overslept, you know exactly how true this statement is. Mornings can be rough; it’s easy to rely on sugar and caffeine to energize you, which only wreaks havoc on your digestive system and exacerbates fluctuating energy levels and moods. If you’ve ever wanted a do-over before 9 a.m., start your day right—and keep it on the right track—with these 10 simple ways to detox your body naturally each and every day.

1. Get Up On Time

Are those nine extra minutes the snooze button gives you ever really worth it? Get out of bed when you first wake up and start your day already—especially since the two hours after we awake are potentially the most productive of our entire day. Running late or feeling rushed in the morning only adds to anxiety and fatigue, and can cause us to turn to coffee and sugary snacks to get through the rest of the day.

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